Not Your Average Dominican Joe

Before we set off on our coffee journey, I need to let you know what I look for in a coffee shop. I’m one of those atmosphere snobs who can only be consumed in my studies if my environment is right. I’m all about the feels. I need big table space, the right lighting, a delicious cup of coffee and some tunes I can nod to incase I forget my headphones.


515 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Dominican Joe meets my needs more than any coffee shop I have explored in Austin thus far. I’m going to be completely honest… I come here more times a week than I’d like to admit. While I’m always trying new shops, I come to Dom’s when I have a deadline because I know I won’t be disappointed.

The combination of natural light and drop lighting gives it that classic, dim look over the abundance of eclectic tables (the sweet spots are the large tables by the register. If you see one of these open, TAKE IT!) If you can’t find a table, someone is always willing to share. The staff has that natural hipster, friendly vibe and they are always eager to help. Dom’s downtown location is perfect for regulars and sporadic bean enthusiasts alike which makes the people watching possibilities endless. Lastly, my favorite part, coffee.


THE Salted Caramel Latte aka the best latte I’ve had in Austin. Two shots of espresso, non-fat milk, and a dab of honey (upon request.)

What separates Dominican Joe’s coffee from the rest of the pack (and also where their name derives from) is that they exclusively import Arabica and Robusta beans straight from the Dominican Republic via Makarios. Makarios is a non-profit dedicated to provide a place of education for poverty-stricken children in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. So it’s true.. it really is possible to change the world by drinking coffee!

So to sum this up, go to Dominican Joe to guarantee yourself a high-quality, organic, smooth Arabica brew. Don’t be upset with me though if after one taste of the salted caramel latte you become obsessed and it takes over your life. Not my problem, bro.


  • WiFi is fast/always works
  • All of their teas are tasty (almond cookie is my fav)
  • Wide selection of coffee/teas/smoothies
  • Organic treats/lunch
  • Indoor/outdoor seating


  • Parking sucks.
  • As many tables as there are customers (& there are a lot of customers)
  • Prices comparable to Starbucks (Better quality though. So worth it. Seriously.)

Spilling the Beans

Hi, my name is Madison Phillips, and I am addicted to coffee. There I said it…now will my fellow coffee enthusiasts please stand up?


It started when I was a tween, I would nonchalantly ask my mom to pour me a cup with breakfast because I wanted to be grown, and that was the adult thing to do. I would then overload it with sugar and flavored creamers to escape the awful, bitter taste. In high school, with my head held high I would carry my terrible cup of watered down, gas station french vanilla coffee through the halls proudly. Little did I know, there was this magical coffee universe out there waiting to be discovered.

I started college and of course coffee became a regular necessity for all-nighters and study sessions. It wasn’t until then that I started ordering drinks other than the $1.25 house blend. I found myself not just craving coffee for an energy boost or early mornings, I actually enjoyed the taste a latte (that’s the last one, I promise.) It’s not just coffee that I love though, it’s coffee shops too. I love the whole experience. A room full of strangers chatting, working, and creating- how intriguing. I consider it living art and I could soak it in all day (I sometimes do.)

FullSizeRender (16)

Pumpkin Spice french press at Galaxy Cafe…drool.

This blog was created to inform you (coffee enthusiasts) of what I consider to be the best coffee shops/coffee around Austin, TX. If you choose to embark on this journey, you can expect to learn about new places I explore, and also the shops I frequent. I’ll keep you in the know as I discover new tasty coffee, lattes, macchiatos, teas etc. So sit back, relax and humor my addiction.