Spilling the Beans

Hi, my name is Madison Phillips, and I am addicted to coffee. There I said it…now will my fellow coffee enthusiasts please stand up?


It started when I was a tween, I would nonchalantly ask my mom to pour me a cup with breakfast because I wanted to be grown, and that was the adult thing to do. I would then overload it with sugar and flavored creamers to escape the awful, bitter taste. In high school, with my head held high I would carry my terrible cup of watered down, gas station french vanilla coffee through the halls proudly. Little did I know, there was this magical coffee universe out there waiting to be discovered.

I started college and of course coffee became a regular necessity for all-nighters and study sessions. It wasn’t until then that I started ordering drinks other than the $1.25 house blend. I found myself not just craving coffee for an energy boost or early mornings, I actually enjoyed the taste a latte (that’s the last one, I promise.) It’s not just coffee that I love though, it’s coffee shops too. I love the whole experience. A room full of strangers chatting, working, and creating- how intriguing. I consider it living art and I could soak it in all day (I sometimes do.)

FullSizeRender (16)

Pumpkin Spice french press at Galaxy Cafe…drool.

This blog was created to inform you (coffee enthusiasts) of what I consider to be the best coffee shops/coffee around Austin, TX. If you choose to embark on this journey, you can expect to learn about new places I explore, and also the shops I frequent. I’ll keep you in the know as I discover new tasty coffee, lattes, macchiatos, teas etc. So sit back, relax and humor my addiction.

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