Mozart’s Coffee

Mozart’s summed up is basically scenery. This place is beautiful and huge. You can come here for anything. Whether you want to hold a business meeting, people watch, or just work, this place has it all. Located on Lake Austin, Mozart’s has an outdoor deck where you can sit outside, sip your coffee and breathe in fresh air. If you can’t work outside, which sometimes I can’t, they also have plenty of seating inside… again, this place is huge.

Photo Credit Aviary Review

Photo Credit Aviary Review- Mozart’s outdoor deck

Mozart’s prides themselves on having the finest gourmet coffees from around the world. They use a unique process called flame roasting and their “Roastmaster” does it on site every 48 hours. They have nine different coffee blends, along with the typical coffee shop menu. Last time I was there, I had a little extra cash and decided to splurge on the special which was some chocolate, caramel concoction that I think can’t remember the name of. They have an abundance of sweets and treats to take your mind off of your to-list and to just enjoy the moment. When I am Mozart’s I tend to turn off all electronics and just sit and think. I love this place. The prices are high and a tad cringe worthy, but the experience makes it worth it. The coffee is always delicious and the environment makes it incredible.

You MUST, I repeat you MUST go to Mozart’s during the winter. Each year they have an extravagant light show at the top of each hour starting at 6 p.m. This past year they had a light show to “What Does the Fox Say,” among other songs and it was amazing. I stayed for two of the shows even though they are exactly the same, because it was so much fun. So remember this when all of your family members come into town and you need to entertain them, they will love this place!

Photo Credit 365 Things to do in Austin

Photo Credit 365 Things to do in Austin

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