Seattle Coffee Scene

I have heard for years that Seattle has the best coffee, and I am dying to try it.
I recently found a coffee blog that I am in love with called Seattle Coffee Scene. What I like most about this blog is that they cover coffee shops and they call them coffee houses, that’s so Seattle. I found it really interesting that this blog is broken up into different sections of the city whereas I focus on Austin in general. I like their approach better, because it gives people the opportunity to choose a shop in their area, or search for any area that they will be visiting. With each post, this blogger also provides a map, so their audience can have a better understanding as to where everything is located.

Photo Cred Seattle Best Coffee

Photo Cred Seattle Coffee Scene

When it comes to any online review, people want to see pictures. Every time I yelp something, I expect to look at pictures so I can get a visual of what I am dealing with. I need to see the space in the coffee shop, the coffee and my surroundings. I’m a coffee shop snob, sorry about it. Seattle Coffee Scene has AMAZING photos. Every single blog post gives you a creative coffee picture with a bit of scenery to further express what they feel about the coffee house. Also, this blogger is a latte lover, which brings them straight to my heart. Almost every picture is a huge latte with art on top, my favorite.


Photo Cred Seattle Coffee Scene

At the bottom of their homepage, they have a place where you can submit coffee job openings, and also browse openings from around the city. I think that is a really cool touch and I am considering adding that to my blog. I also really enjoyed the section about the various coffee roasters around Seattle. Personally, I would love to go around Austin to interview and see all of the coffee roasters and how it all works. I found that portion very interesting. Lastly, this blogger has a section where they store all of their previous photos in a photo gallery. I love going through and looking at the latte art and the shops, so that is a section I am seriously considering adding to my own blog!

Overall, this blog is awesome! I will read it occasionally, and when I visit Seattle this will be my go-to for all things coffee.

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