I have tried to go to Bennu many times, but I am always turned around due to the lack of parking. This past weekend I found a spot right in front, and I was thrilled to finally be able to experience this coffee shop. Bennu is open 24-hours which already makes me feel giddy. Finals are of course torture, and with many all-nighters in my near future I was happy when I walked in to see huge tables and a ton of space. This coffee shop is more north near the University of Texas, so I wasn’t surprised when it was packed. I found an empty table near the window because I desperately needed the plug for my dead laptop.

I’m going to cut to the chase and say Bennu is my new all-nighter spot. I felt completely comfortable there and the atmosphere is exactly what you need for complete concentration and a relaxing environment. I planned on staying for a while, so I set up shop and ordered myself a banana nut latte. This was a first for me! I have never been offered this flavor before so I eager to try it.


Delicious banana nut latte in the front and a maple brown sugar latte in the back.

Seriously one of the best lattes that I have ever had. It was so good that I want to go back and try all of the flavors. Their list of flavors is so long and there are so many to choose from. Remember I was stoked to try the fruity latte at Epoch? Well Bennu has so many fruity flavors as well. This is my new spot for long nights and tasty coffee.

The wifi in Bennu worked amazingly.Since the place was so packed, I figured I was going to have some trouble, but I didn’t at all. Everyone in there was so nice. The barista was a bit backed up by orders, but constantly kept me reassured that she was working as fast as she could and wanted me to know she hadn’t forgot about me. I really loved the atmosphere, and since I’ve said Dominican Joe is my go-to place, I now have to say the two are neck-in-neck.

Go to Bennu!

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