Strange Brew

I will begin with…Strange Brew is a 24-hour coffee shop.


Photo courtesy of Stephen S. from Yelp.

If you’re in college, work late hours or a night owl, a 24-hour anything is music to your ears. Like most, I tend to procrastinate. Oh, the paper is due at 9 a.m.? Yeah, I’ll start it at 2 a.m. because life.

This place is HUGE. Not one, not two, but THREE rooms to study in. Two for chatting, studying and regular things and one for absolute silence. I tried to sit in there once and felt like my breathing was disturbing the peace, so I stay in the “talking welcome” areas. The atmosphere is the best part. I can easily get so much done there because the tables are huge, plenty of space, and plenty of plugs. Their only downfall is the Wifi. It’s basically non-existent and very untrustworthy. That is the only reason I don’t live and pay rent there. I need Wifi. You just never know when it will work and when it won’t, I can’t take those chances.

The coffee is consistently tasty and fresh. I always get their signature drink, can you guess what it’s called? The Strange Brew. It’s a rich, creamy, iced, slighty sweet espresso drink and has just the right amount of caffeine.The prices are normal, think Starbucks. They have a cold brew, which is all the rage with hipsters right now. I was going to type out a list of everything they have, but honestly it’s extensive unlike most coffee shops. The menu is impressive. On the menu you can also find food, I won’t go into detail because ain’t nobody got time for that but just trust me when I say The Hippy.

FullSizeRender (18)

The ever so tasty… Strange Brew.

Strange Brew doubles as a lounge and has many live shows. *WARNING* these shows attract heaps of hipsters. That was half joking but half serious because you do see the textbook hipster but you also see everyone else as well. The hipsters are just fun to look at because they’re so cool and you’ll never be like them. Hats off to hipsters. I have not attened one of the shows yet because there is typically a cover fee, but they do a really awesome job of updated their Facebook page with a list of event

To sum this up:

  • Perfect study atmosphere
  • Friendly staff
  • Indoor/outdoor seating
  • Tasty coffee
  • 24-hours
  • Lots of parking
  • Sucky Wifi, so bring a book

Oh, P.S. -Check in on Yelp to get 10% off!

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