It’s been a while coffee lovers! Don’t be worried, I still drink coffee every single day (against my doctor’s orders.)

This weekend I visited a coffee shop that I hadn’t been to since my freshman year in college, Epoch Coffee! The last time I was there I was at Austin Community College, and still very unsure of what I wanted to do in life. Being in this coffee shop recently reminded me of where I was then, and where I am now. I am so thankful that I took the leap and transferred to Texas State University. I graduate in one month, and I can’t even express how thrilled I am. EAT EM’ UP!!

[Photo Credit Clarisa R./Yelp]

[Photo Credit Clarisa R./Yelp]

Now that we have that walk down memory lane out of the way, let’s talk about coffee. Epoch has something that I like, consistency. Their coffee is always flavorful, which is what I look at first. It is never watered down, cold or weak. My go-to at Epoch is an Americano, and I add various types of syrups (mainly caramel.) Americanos are great because you get the caffeine that you need with far fewer calories than a latte. It is straight to the point and tasty.

Lattes to me are almost considered a treat. When I get one I fully enjoy every sip and always stick with flavors like caramel, chocolate or vanilla. At epoch, they offer fruity syrups! I was intrigued because I have never been that adventurous with my lattes because I like what I know I like. On this beautiful Monday though, I decided I wanted a blackberry latte. I’m wild, I know. It was surprisingly wonderful! I definitely recommend straying from your sweet comfortable flavors and trying new ones. Next time I am going to get the raspberry!


Blackberry Latte

Epoch is also top of my list because they have pizza. I can always use a slice when I’m cramming for an exam. They get their pizza from East Side Pies, which is heaven in your mouth. The pizza is thin, crispy and all of it is homemade. The toppings are locally sourced from farms and ranches in Central Texas, so you are ensured the freshest produce possible. Yum!


This is the FLIGHTPATH, roasted peppers nom nom nom

White Pizza

This is the MOON TOWER PIE (my boyfriends choice) not as good as mine but still amazing!

To sum this up:

  • Big tables
  • Open 24-hours
  • You can have your dog on the patio
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • WiFi always works

Until next time!

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